Seeing The Racial Water with Dr. Robin DiAngelo and Carlin Quinn, LMFT

ERE’s three-day intensives for white people led by Dr. Robin DiAngelo and Carlin Quinn, LMFT consist of three full days of lecture, self-inquiry and group process.  One purpose for this intensive is to create a space where white people are asked to consciously center race for three full days. Through centering race, participants have an opportunity to learn, reflect and grow together in an exploration of how white supremacy shapes us and how we, as people with white racial identity, often unconsciously protect and uphold this system in a multitude of ways. We explore topics including white socialization, white solidarity, common white patterns, microaggressions, intersectionality, the specific ways racism manifests for white progressives, safety versus comfort, the politics of emotions, and white fragility. 

These intensives require a commitment to the entire three days and are best suited for people who have a foundational understanding of racism and are desiring to go deeper in the dismantling of whiteness. If you are interested in attending, please write us at or apply HERE.


          Virtual / All Locations - June 19-21

        Virtual / All Locations - July 10-12

          Portland, ME - October 9-11  *FULL with a waiting list

          Sebastopol, CA - November 13-15

        Los Angeles, CA - November 20-22

        Washington DC - December 4-6

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