“I believe we are here on the planet Earth to live, grow up and do  what we can to make this world a better place for all people to  enjoy freedom.”

-Rosa Parks

 We believe that… 


   a responsible use of privilege means that white people inevitably have to hold more, do more, learn more, risk more and be willing to give up more, in order to be effective in this struggle.


...in facing the magnitude of today’s intersecting crises, conversations about system change must include historical, institutional, relational and personal analyses of global white supremacy and structural racism. 


...the more honest we can be about the historical systems that have formed and informed our identities, positionalities, and current systems, the more compassionately and strategically we can respond to the struggles for justice on all levels. 


...having an informed analysis and a holistic skillset to address structural racism and white supremacy is essential for engaging in multi-racial and multi-cultural collaboration, solidarity, and community-building on the planet.

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Relational, Educational, Healing Centered and Anti-Racist Focused


Humans are complex and our patterns run deep. We acknowledge that anti-racist work is multi-faceted and lifelong, and that it looks different for individuals and communities depending on their racial identity. Uprooting racist socialization isn’t easy or comfortable. Real change requires insight and impact on different levels. 


ERE’s approach to racial equity work is designed specifically to instigate longstanding integrated change in our participants, their lives, and hopefully in their families and communities. ERE offers a variety of events — BIPOC-only spaces, white-only spaces, racially mixed spaces — with facilitators, educators, and event formats, to meet the complex needs of this work.   


For white participants: We ask you to expect to be uncomfortable and expect to be challenged. We sincerely hope that our time together supports your questioning of how your life consciously or unconsciously upholds white supremacy. Our job is to help lift the veil and to show you as much of the truth of our racialized realities as possible. Your comfort is not our priority, and we will meet you with love and compassion.  We invite you to change your life and to align it with anti-racist measures. Ultimately it will be up to you. 


For people of color attending our events: We are aware of how few spaces have been created historically and exist today for people of color to heal together. We hope to offer spaces that offer you a sense of solidarity, support and healing. We believe our facilitators are some of the best in the world at offering integrated, powerful, and transformative experiences for communities of color. 


Our cross-racial spaces prioritize non-white experience and support cross-racial dialogue and healing. These events are smaller and more intimately focused on authentic interpersonal connections across race and intensive group processes.