MAY 21-24: FACING THE TOXIC TRENDS OF WHITENESS, A 4 DAY Communal Anti-Racist Intensive For White People with Carlin Quinn, featuring a half day workshop with Dr. Robin DiAngelo.


















with Resmaa Menakem, Co-Facilitated by Carlin Quinn

A day-long foundational training in a cross racial webinar virtual space.  Day one will be for white bodies only with Carlin Quinn followed by the day-long webinar cross racial space with Resmaa Menakem. 


ERE Toxic Trends.jpeg

Carlin Quinn, LMFT

Carlin Quinn, LMFT (She/Her) is the Founder and Director of Education For Racial Equity. She is also a psychotherapist, equity coach, facilitator and anti-racist co- conspirator.  Her equity work began when she entered the field of psychotherapy and realized that whiteness was foundational to the field of mental health, its theories, and its treatments.  She began teaching and consulting within the mental health community, developing an understanding of the impact of systemic oppression and intersectionality to western psychology.  In her private practice she specializes in complex trauma and cross racial relationships. In her facilitation and coaching work, Carlin uses a combination of critical race theory, psychodynamic theory and humanistic relational approaches to help unearth and address the complexities of whiteness, white supremacy and racial trauma in our daily human interactions.  She is grateful for the many people who have come before her in this work and, specifically, for the people of color who have continued to challenge her through fierce and loving accountability. 


Carlin is also a community organizer and global activist who focuses on bringing intersectional system change to the forefront of the organizations and institutions she works with. She wishes to be a part of creating future communities and cultures that are rooted in equity, compassion and non-violence. Carlin is a lover of the earth, a singer of song, and she spends quite a bit of time listening to the non-human world for insights and guidance. She currently makes home as a settler in Ohlone territory of the Muwekma Ohlone People, also known as Berkeley, California.