We Recognize That 


         White supremacy and capitalism are deeply interwoven systems that have historically,           strategically and systemically prevented Black, Indigenous, People of Color communities 

     from accumulating wealth. 

    Reparations are needed at a systemic level, and must occur in larger frameworks of        

     acknowledgment, repair, and cessation of harm.           

    Conversations of systemic change and new economy must include the analysis of global white supremacy on a theoretical, institutional and relational level.

Redistribution of decision-making power, in addition to money, is an essential part of

system change.      


Our Financial Practices

   We pay “land tax” to the local indigenous peoples in the areas we work in recognition

of their sovereignty, stewardship and self-determination.  Learn more about the Bay Area’s Shuumi Land Tax here


    We channel the majority of our post-production earnings to BIPOC-led organizations in support of the thriving and well-being of communities of color. 

Half-day and Evening Public Events

       In an effort to decentralize white decision making power, we delegate all post-production

     income to the ERE advisory council.  This council, made up of BIPOC leaders committed to         economic justice, will decide where to redistribute the profits in support of communities of color nationally.    



What We Mean By Post Production Earnings


         This is the sum total of revenue that is left after we have paid for all production costs which  

     include: venue rental, travel,  insurance, event producers fee, facilitation fee, and payment

     of 7% to our Fiscal Sponsor. 




     ERE partners with several facilitators and organizations providing direct aid and relief to  high-risk communities both internationally and locally. In such circumstances, ERE functions as a

     fiscal sponsor to these organizations and offers administrative, marketing, and organizational

     support to raise funds in support of their efforts. 





       We acknowledge and value that those committed to  anti-racist work come from all different

     socioeconomic backgrounds. While we prioritize offering scholarships to people who identify

     as Black, Indigenous, or People of color, we also commit to providing scholarships, to the

     best of our ability, when asked for. We do our best to make it possible for anyone who is

     committed to this work to be able to attend, regardless of financial circumstances. Rather

     than offering a standard scholarship rate,  we work individually with participants to determine

     what is possible.  

 If you are in need of financial assistance in order to attend an event, we welcome you to reach

     out to us via email. 

Join Us!

If you'd like to participate by supporting this work

Please Donate to ERE to Support our Efforts! 


ERE is a very new organization and was founded as a volunteer run organization.  It wasn't until 2020 where some team members began to receive payment for their work, and the majority of work is volunteer based.  With the impact of the Covid 19 virus and given that our revenue has been dependent on public gatherings, it is unclear how we will continue in the future. We are very grateful for donations from those who want to support our work in the world.  Donations would support our ability to transition our work into online offerings, continue to pay our part time employees, and give us the ability to bring more programming into the world.  To Support ERE as an organization you can: 


Alternatively, if you would like to donate to any of our specific programs simply email us at