The Evolution of Our Economic Model:


In 2019 - our redistribution model channeled all post-production profits, roughly $50,000, to organizations led by and in support of BIPOC communities in the places where we hosted events. We gifted to organizations that were referred by local Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the areas we worked. 


In consideration of population, wealth concentration and colonization, we also intentionally re-distributed money outside of areas we worked to regions that are typically overlooked, more specifically Native American Reservations in South Dakota.


In 2020 - ERE formed an advisory council (final formation still in process) made up of BIPOC leaders to determine the redistribution of the income generated from our half-day events. 


We continue to pay our employees based on their racial and economic background, offering a higher hourly wage to our BIPOC staff members.

While some of our white employees are now paid a modest fee for some of their work, all of our white staff offer a majority of volunteer hours in service of ERE and this movement. 


We pay our educational partners a negotiated facilitation fee, informed by the ethics of ERE’s redistribution model.