Nourishment Retreats for Black, Indigenous and Women of Color 


Facilitated by Victoria Santos and Erin Trent-Johnson


Women of color, those who identify as woman or were assigned female at birth, need spaces to come together, listen to each other deeply, rest and grow community. When we gather, we can sense the collective future in us. We can expand on our self-care to create collective care. 


During ordinary times, we may feel overwhelmed by our work and the stresses of our lives. We can fill our time in ways that don’t take us into our wholeness, our power, and our joy. 


In a time of global health crisis, weaving ourselves together can strengthen our spirits, our hope and our capacity to engage with our lives.


This is a space for us to heal from messages of colonization and oppression that tell us we do not deserve rest, love, and care. This is a sacred time we can use to tap into our resilience and create new possibilities, ideas, and birth a new world that values our bodies and spirits with humanity and dignity. 


The question is: How are we making space for our own freedom?    


This retreat will be an intentional space in which we can explore healing together, with room to talk, play, move, reflect, learn from each other, rest, eat healthy delicious meals, be in nature, and dream together. 

**Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this programming has been postponed until further notice.**

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