“How we treat our planet is rooted in    how we treat people in society”

-Angel Kyodo Williams

SYSTEM CHANGE - We acknowledge that we are living in a system of global white supremacy and are working to dismantle it in all that we do. 


LEARNING - We are committed to creating spaces

where individuals can learn together relationally in order to remain connected to every person’s inherent humanity.


TRANSPARENCY -  We value the practice of authentic engagement, showing ourselves, dropping our masks and being available to be called in on our harmful behavior.


LEANING IN - We believe radical discomfort leads to radical change. We “lean in” and hold ourselves and each other accountable to our actions and to continuing to develop our racial analysis and anti-racist framework.


DISCOMFORT - We seek to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone in order to perceive the nuance and depth to which “Whiteness” expresses itself through our thoughts, lives, and actions.  


ATONEMENT  - We are committed to practices of atonement to communities of color through the work we offer. We do this through receiving consultation, through financial redistribution, and through developing relationships and partnerships with Black, Indigenous and peoples of color which are based in transparency, accountability and trust. 

HEALING TRAUMA - We recognize that white supremacy lives in the bodies of white people and people of color. Ending white supremacy requires a culture of healing: For white people this means healing unconscious patterns of dominance, internalized superiority and addressing personal trauma to show up as effective allies. For people of color this often means healing racial trauma and patterns of internalized oppression. We commit to offering trauma informed spaces, for all people, to begin to identify the ongoing healing work that is needed for collective liberation.