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2021 Somatic Abolitionism Training Program for Therapists and Coaches

w/ Resmaa Menakem, Karine Bell, Erin Trent-Johnson, and Carlin Quinn

Somatic Abolitionism Is

-a living, embodied anti-racist practice and cultural building  

-a way of being in the world.  

-It is a return to the age-old wisdom of human bodies respecting, honoring, and resonating with  

 other human bodies.  

-It is not exclusively based in a goal, an attitude, a belief, an idea, a strategy, a movement, a plan, a system, a political position, or a step forward.

Somatic Abolitionism is not a human invention.  

It is the resourcing of energies that are always present in your body, in the collective body, and in the world.  

Somatic Abolitionism is an emergent process and form of growing up and growing into a more fuller energetic human experience.

Why We Need Somatic Abolitionism

Nearly all of our bodies — bodies of all culture — are infected by the virus of white-body supremacy.

This virus was created by human beings in a laboratory—the Virginia Assembly, in 1691 —  then let loose upon our continent.  It quickly infected people of all culture and pigmentation, backgrounds, and economic circumstances.

Today, the WBS virus remains with us — in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the foods we eat, the institutions that govern us, and the social contracts under which we live.  Most of all, though, it lives in our bodies.

What Somatic Abolitionism Does

Somatic Abolitionism heals our bodies of the WBS virus, and then inoculates our bodies against new WBS infections through cultural container building.  It begins in your body, then ripples out to other bodies, and then to our collective body.

Somatic Abolitionism requires action — and repeated individual and communal practice. Through repetition, you collectively build resilience, discernment, and the ability to tolerate discomfort that comes with confronting the brutality of race.



8-Hour Foundational Retreat:  MARCH 6TH

Time: 8am - 4pm PST / 10-6pm CST / 11-7pm EST 

Monthly Meetings w/ Resmaa & Team:

Time: 9-12pm PST / 11-2pm CST / 12-3pm EST (same time each month) 

Date: APRIL 3 / MAY 1 / JUNE 5 / JULY 17 / SEPT 11 / OCT 9 / NOV 6 / DEC 4

Monthly Communal Meetings:  

Time: 9-10:30am PST / 11-12:30pm CST / 12-1:30pm EST (same time each month)

Date: APRIL 13 / MAY 11 / JUNE 8 / JULY 20 / SEPT 21 / OCT 19 / NOV 16 / DEC 21



Sliding Scale: 5k-8k for White Bodies 

Sliding Scale: 3k-6k for Black Bodies and Bodies of Culture


Program Details



Who is this training program for?


This program is for Licensed and Pre-licensed Clinical Therapists and Certified Coaches. This will be a Cross Cultural / Cross Racial Space for all bodies of culture and white bodies. We are consciously prioritizing first access to Black, Indigenous peoples, then to all other bodies of culture, as an act of reparative justice, followed by white bodies. We are committed to bodies of culture making up the majority of this cohort.  



What is the commitment?


This is a 9 month commitment with a total of three different meetings per month to attend: one 3 hour meeting a month with Resmaa and the facilitation team, one 90 minute meeting a month with the co-facilitators in communal groups (Karine and Erin will hold the group for bodies of culture and Carlin will hold the group white bodies), and 1-2 meetings a month with your triad, in community, for ongoing practice. There will also be reading and practice assignments each month. The triad work is not optional, it is a requirement for participation in this program

After the 9 month training program, there will be an assessment process and requirements moving forward to continue on track to becoming a trainer: 

  1. You must stay with a triad -- you must meet monthly (after the 9 month training) if you are wanting to bring this work into your professional practice -- you are making a long term commitment to working this material communally.   

  2. There will be an opportunity for qualified graduates of this first year of learning to apply for the trainer practitioner program in 2022.



Does this program offer CEU’s?


ERE will not being offering CEU's this year.  We plan to offer them for our 2022 programming.



What will be offered in this training program?

First and foremost this is a communal space for learning and practicing.

If you are looking to come to these spaces to "turn the lights on" related to Somatic Abolitionism, and use these meetings to keep the lights on -- this is the wrong approach -- this is about communal practice; most of the work is going to happen in the triads, the readings, and ongoing practice in community. What you need to know will emerge through direct experience and practice. Taking this training is not intended to give authority to participants to teach this work.   


PLEASE NOTE: From this training you do not have permission and you do not have consent to take this material beyond personal practice and personal transformation.

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