ERE will be offering a series of webinars with their facilitators and partners throughout 2020. 

Due to the impact of Covid-19 several all "in person" events have been moved to the late summer and fall, with the hopes that it will be safe to meet in groups again.


In the event that meetings in person will not be possible in 2020, ERE will continue to create programming that is accessible through webinars and online trainings. 

Please see our Webinar/Special Events in the Events section or search by facilitator.



Special Events: Evening Seminars


In 2020 ERE has planned to host evening seminars with Resmaa Menakem and Dr. Robin DiAngelo for larger audiences, the day before their joint half-day workshop, in different locations throughout the U.S. These evenings are meant to be community building, enjoyable, and financially accessible to all people. 


Given the unknown nature of Covid-19, If it is not safe to meet in large spaces during the scheduled offering, then these evening seminars will be held online on their scheduled day and time. Both the Evening Seminars and the half Day workshops whether online or in person will be a mix of lecture and interactive. 



Special Events: Fundraisers

ERE has trusted relationships with incredible organizations doing great work in the world. We believe in bridging between our growing network of participants (often those who have something to give) and those who are in great need. 


You will find the active fundraisers that we support listed HERE throughout the year. Please donate any amount you can to support the good work of these organizations. We focus our fundraising efforts on organizations that serve communities of color in urgent need. 

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