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Education For Racial Equity was founded by Carlin Quinn in 2018 with the help and support of Justine Epstein and Tara Milliken. After a decade of equity work within the field of psychotherapy Carlin was inspired to bring together two powerful bodies of work: one being the systemic analysis of White Supremacy represented by Dr. DiAngelo’s work and the other being the interpersonal racial sensitivity work of Dr. Kenneth Hardy. While cross-racial healing was (and still is) a goal of ERE, we also believe white people will engage more effectively in conversations about race if they first have a foundational racial analysis and some capacity to receive feedback on their whiteness. 


In 2017 Carlin invited Dr. DiAngelo to facilitate a three-day intensive workshop with a cohort of 50 white people from the Bay Area. It was here that Robin and Carlin began facilitating together and developing the curriculum for ERE’s  three-day intensives for white people. In response to a strong community request to continue providing such spaces, ERE offered another three-day intensive for white people and a cross-racial three-day intensive led by Dr. Ken Hardy and Dr. Robin DiAngelo. ERE also began to further develop its economic justice/redistribution model in 2019 by hosting half-day workshops with Dr. DiAngelo. In its first year, ERE reached approximately 1,500 people with our events and channeled over $50,000 to communities of color. 


The founding team engaged in conversations and consultations with Dr. DiAngelo, Orland Bishop, Victoria Santos and many more colleagues in the field. As ERE has grown, our financial redistribution model has evolved. In 2020, ERE decided to produce educational events across the U.S. and in Europe while attempting to decentralize white decision-making power at the level of resource redistribution. An advisory council of leaders of color was formed to decide where proceeds from public workshops will go. For more information on ERE’s approach to economic equity, please see our page on economy here.

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